Among other legal services, we mainly provide:


Legal consulting on establishing and running a business through all forms of partnerships in Albania (limited liability companies / joint stock companies being the most used). We assist both national and international investors to establish and better run their business, providing swift and reliable legal services improving the quality of their business and their competitiveness in the market.


We offer our assistance in: Foundations and registration of Joint Stock Companies or LLC, branches and representation offices of foreign entities and non-profit organizations; Corporate legal advice; Due Diligence; Shareholders conflict management; Shareholders Agreements; Corporate Governance; Liquidations and Restructuring; Drafting and review of all commercial contracts (agency, distribution, franchise, service agreements, sale, commission, etc).


Our attorneys also practice in penal, criminal, and disciplinary law in Albania representing clients in whole the courts of the country. The right to an attorney is a Constitutional right and we ensure that everyone charged with a crime, such as assault, theft, fraud, narcotic and drug offences, driving under the influence, firearms, or white-collar crimes, receives legal services. Our team is competent in criminal legal knowledge and procedure, and its main focus is the best interest of the client.

Legal services

Legal services for the establishment of NGO’s in Albania (Registration Non-Governmental Organization in Albania; Registration of NGO Branch in Albania; Registration of a Foreign NGO in Albania).


Legal consultancy over several administrative, civil and/or commercial litigation, and if the case might be, legal representation before the Courts of any level in the Republic of Albania.


Legal consultancy and assistance to Clients, by representing and protecting their interests in various processes and application procedures before any public administration authority, for the obtainment of permits, licenses or administrative authorizations.


Legal consultancy and assistance to Clients, by representing their interests in various Employment and Compensation cases before the Courts of any level in the Republic of Albania. (Legal Position of Executive; Employment and management contracts; Employment Contracts; Advice in employment law matters; Employment litigation in Albania).


Legal consultancy on bankruptcy law in Albania (Bankruptcy and Composition Proceedings; Business Reorganisation; Debt Restructuring; Creditor and Debtor Representation; Bankruptcy Litigation)


Legal consultancy on competition law in Albania (Antitrust; Merger Control; Unfair Competition).


Legal consultancy, revision and drafting of private contract/agreements.


Legal consultancy and representation in cases regarding family matters, including divorce, child custody etc before the Courts of any level in the Republic of Albania.